Quality guide

MINT: No signs of usage and without repair. It is a very rare condition for a vintage bag.
NEAR MINT: Used but intact, without repair. Like new despite its age.
EXCELLENT: Previously used, small, if any, signs of wear, free of major flaws.
VERY GOOD: Previously used, minor signs of wear but totally correct.
GOOD: Previously used, might have more visible flaws or marks but totally correct.

You must apply a special cream for smooth or exotic skins.
The skin should be well hydrated to prevent it from drying out and that cracking or peeling appears.
Apply a small amount with a cotton cloth, inside as well if it's smooth skin, and let dry a few days.
In the case of snakeskin apply the cream following the direction of the scales.
After that, use a clean cloth to gently wipe it to shine.
If the bag is made of plastic or other material, you can clean it with a dry or slightly damped cotton cloth.
NEVER use household chemical products.
Don't expose the bag to rain or direct sunlight for a long time.
Keep the bag in a cotton cover and never store it in a plastic bag.
If the bag has rigid handles, prevent bending them.
Always keep the bag filled with a fabric or inkless paper to prevent deformations.
Keep the bag in a warm place, never close to heating radiators.