Created by Loewe, years 1950-1970. The modest logo, representing the horns of the Aries zodiac symbol, is engraved in gold on the inside of the bags. Loewe created this brand for the local sellers, eager to sell luxury handbags for their most demanding customers. The bags were manufactured in the same Loewe workshops.
Cristóbal Balenciaga Eizaguirre (Guetaria, Guipúzcoa, January 21, 1895 - Jávea, Alicante, March 23, 1972), known simply as Balenciaga, was the most prestigious Spanish fashion designer, and he is often considered one of the most important creators in the history of haute couture. Balenciaga worked mainly in Paris for over three decades. Previously, having trained as a tailor, he had worked for various brands in Spain. Contemporary of Coco Chanel and Christian Dior, he is the most important fashion designer in the Spanish history of haute couture. His handbags are unique and their designs have the elegance of the haute couture.
Brand founded in Valencia in the 1960s, active until the '80s. Best known as Alejandro Bellido’s widow house. This brand produced its own luxury handbag designs performing premium manufacturing of high quality leather. Brand without its own shop.
Caprice Handbag Co. were 1960s New York handbag makers. Their modern style was based on materials and high quality leathers, and they were very innovative. Owning a Caprice handbag was a sign of style and elegance. Their various collections were very original and their designs were later copied by other designer brands.
The new look of the 50s is mainly due to the Christian Dior designs, who opened his couture house in 1946. His creations announced the return to a more feminine style and Dior became one of the primary figures of French couture. Fashion accessories like handbags were essential. (Marnie Fogg in: Vintage Handbags).
Coblentz Bag Company, Inc. American brand founded in 1935-1980 in New York by Louis J. Coblentz. Its elegant exotic leather handbags were acquired in the most prestigious stores across the country.
Comtesse is a commercial brand of luxury handbags created in Germany in 1929 by A.D. Kopp. After World War II Comtesse bags were exported to the U.S. with great success due to its quality and design. Currently, Comtesse is still a very prestigious brand.
Brand created in Barcelona in 1967, active until 1992. CROCO-PARC specialized in exotic skins and manufactured its own luxury handbag designs. The brand had two stores in Barcelona, one located on Carrer Johann Sebastian Bach, and another on Carrer Balmes. The manager was Mr. Josep M ª Pérez Martrat, one of the most renowned experts in the world of exotic leather handbags, recognized as "Mestre artesà" by the Generalitat de Catalunya in 2006.
Deauville is a brand most often associated with the brand Bags Lucille de Paris. The two brands have many similarities in patterns, design features and quality leather. Handbags alligator Deauville are among the most prized and sought after by collectors of fashion.
Deitsch & Brothers is one of the oldest and most productive American brand created in New York in 1873-1961. They made exotic leather handbags with wonderful and innovative designs.
Dofan Handbag Co. Brand American founded in New York in 1944-1970. Brand specializing in exotic skin and leather handbags and high quality with lush designs at reasonable prices.
Created in Barcelona in the 1950s and active until the '80s, specializing in high quality handbags and exotic skins, they used external manufacturers. Had two stores in Barcelona, one in Gran de Gracia and another in Passeig de Gràcia.
EMPRESS was created in New York in 1942 and until 1960 created very modern handbags with  very innovative designs for the time with all kinds of materials such as cotton, velvet, pleated fabrics and embroidery, straw, lucite and vinyls, etc.
Evans Case Co. American brand founded in the early twentieth century. It originally specialized in creating coins and buttons, are later dedicated to selling vanity cases. In the 50s began to make elegant creations of high-end handbags in exotic skins. It became one of the most popular brands of the time.

Hermès is considered the highest status in leather goods. The Hermès House (France, 1837) was founded by Thierry Hermès. His specialty is couture fashion and accessories, also in handbags and jewelry. The Hermès leathers and silks quickly became top quality items. The most famous of the Hermès bags is the "Kelly" bag (named after Princess Grace of Monaco) and the "Birkin" bag (dedicated to the actress Jane Birkin as a larger version of the Kelly bag). Hermès perfectly combines functionality and classic style.

This brand was founded in Valencia in 1970, active until around 1990. Specializing in  high quality exotic leather handbags. They manufactured but didn’t have their own stores. Their “sauvage” crocodile skin handbags were highly prized for their bombe finish technique. J. Pérez was one of the suppliers of exotic skin handbags of El Corte Ingles department store.

Judith Leiber was born in Budapest and escaped to the U.S. from the horrors of the Holocaust in World War II. Designer of handbags, she founded her own company in 1963. Her handbags are sold in the most exclusive shops around the world and are carried by the most famous and important women, first ladies, artists, etc. Her exotic skins designs, the colors and rhinestones creations are unique. Judith Leiber has won every award in the world of design and fashion and her handbags have appeared on the screen in hundreds of films. There is even a Judith Leiber museum and also traveling exhibitions where you can admire her creations. Judith Leiber handbags are considered the epitome of luxury and elegance in the fashion world. Having one of her bags is to have a treasure.
Koret Inc was created by Richard Koret in 1929 in New York. In 1935, Koret became known for its exquisite and feminine designs and exclusive materials and became one of America's most popular brands. The brand was relaunched in 2012 as Koret new york.
Possibly the most prestigious Spanish leather goods and handbags firm, famous around the world for its quality, style and design. Loewe fashion house goes back as far as 1846, the year in which a leather goods workshop was created in the center of Madrid. A long history of bags design and remarkable customers have made ​​this brand one of the most prestigious in the world of fashion. Loewe uses the highest quality leathers, their designs and sewning techniques are unique. In 1905, the family business earned the title of Official Supplier to the Royal House, given by King Alfonso XIII. In 1945 the designer Pérez de Rozas created the boxcalf bags model, soon to become a firm classic. In 1963 begins its international expansion, with the opening of a shop in London. In the 1970s, Loewe entered the prêt-à-porter women fashion with original creations and designed its first handkerchiefs. That same year Vincent Sailing created the legendary Loewe anagram. The first perfume of the brand appeared in 1972, named L Loewe. Their vintage handbags are highly sought by collectors and lovers of fashion and design. Nowadays Loewe continues to be one of the most prestigious brands in the world of fashion.
Lucille de Paris brand created in New York by Charles Hahn and his wife, Lucille. They moved from Paris to New York in the 40s. During the 1950s and 1960s, Lucille de Paris acquired a huge success thanks to its exquisite bags. Also performed as custom handbags with the best exotic skins. Today, Lucille Paris brand is remembered as a true American brand and one of the most sought after brands in the fashion world.
Lucite handbags were created in the 1950s from the revolutionary DuPont plastic. Well made ​​and structured, they were manufactured in an infinite variety of forms (hive, pagoda, trapeze, cube, oval) and in multitude of colors (gray and standard black, dark Chartreuse, cream yellow, nude, turtle green, dark green, etc..). The textures and shadows (glitter, pearlescent, opaque, glossy, transparent and metallic), were endless. The most remarkable thing about Lucite handbags is the modernity of its designs and also that they were very imaginative. Initially they were sold in exclusive shops and were very popular among actresses and the fashion world people. Lucite plastic handbags are the gems of fashion design of the 50s. The most popular Lucite brands were:  Llewellyn, Tyrolean, Miami Handbags, Myles Originals, Gilli Originals, Patricia of Miami, Dorset-Rex, Maxim, Majestic, Wilardy, Charles S. Kahn and Rialto.
Brand created in Barcelona in the 1950s active until about 1970. The brand had two stores of high luxury handbags in Barcelona, they used external manufacturers. One shop was located in Plaça Francesc Macià (formerly Calvo Sotelo square) and the other was located in Passeig de Gràcia. The brand owners were the Oranich family.
Jean-Baptiste opened a jewelry store in Nice in 1905. In his workshop, he fashioned pieces in tortoiseshell, coral and mother-of-pearl, accenting them with gold and silver. In 1921 he opened a small boutique in París on the rue Saint Honoré. By then, his mastery of tortoiseshell had given him an international reputation. In 1930 Morabito had quickly earned a reputation for his crocodile skin handbags. In 1951, Jean-Baptiste Morabito opened his shop at number 1 Place Vendome, and in 1996 moved to the Avenue Georges V. Since 2007, the Morabito house is back on Rue Saint Honoré, offering an exceptional collection of handbags. The Morabito handbags are of the highest quality range in the market of exclusive handbags, due not only to the designs but also to the finish and quality of the skins.
Morris Moskowitz was one of the most innovative american creators in the world of handbags fashion design. "MM" is the trademark that Morris Moskowitz created in the 30s and is the logo stamped on the inside of all his bags. He pioneered the use of natural textile fibers in bag making. The quality and design of his bags are unique and unsurpassed as well as highly sought by collectors. Morris Moskowitz received all honors and fashion awards and was a leader in the creation of a new style of elegance.
Palizzio, Inc (USA 1943-1980) is a brand of handbags and exotic leather shoes of great design. Palizzio worked especially with lizard and crocodile skin of high quality and in traditional colors. Their products were sold in department stores in New York. Palizzio handbags are marvelous.
Pichel Inc. american brand in the 40s and 50s were retail manufacturers famous, specialized in making custom bags. In the 50s their designer Pichel She-Ella made wonderful creations of bags giving a new impetus to the company; new designs, exotic skins, colors and especially new shapes. Their bags are wonderful creations.
Pierre Cardin is a fashion designer born on July 2, 1922 in San Biagio di Callalta, Veneto Region, Italy, to Italian parents. He moved to Paris in 1945 where he studied architecture and worked with Jeanne Paquin. He worked with Schiaparelli until he became head of Christian Dior’s atelier in 1947. When he was denied work at Balenciaga, he founded his own house in 1950. Thus Pierre Cardin began in haute couture in 1953. He innovated in unisex designs and his style was based on geometric shapes and patterns. His handbags are highly versatile. He is still active nowadays.
Brand created in Barcelona and active during 1960-1975 approximately. Specializing in high quality luxury handbags, they used external manufacturers. With a shop in Via Augusta, near Plaça Gala Placídia.
Rialto Products was a manufacturer company of leather goods founded in New York in 1936. In the 1950s the company moved to the Fifth Avenue and started making lucite and Bakelite bags. In these years the RIALTO brand name was created for the wonderful RIALTO lucite handbags. It soon acquired great fame, especially the pearl gray and white marble handbags which are widely known and are the most sought after handbags by collectors and "fashionistas".
Giuliana Coen founded Roberta di Camerino's firm in Venice in 1945. Best-known for her velvet bags, for which she used the extraordinary Venetian craftsmen, and the velvets that until then were only used in the decoration field and in ecclesiastical clothes. Roberta di Camerino velvet is manufactured in antique looms and in the dark, to avoid losing their color from exposure to sunlight. Also, the handbags distinctive brass hardware was made ​​by Venetian craftsmen. Camerino’s handbags have been used by celebrities like Grace Kelly, photographed in 1956 with the legendary Bagonghi bag, toured the world with her. The Bagonhi and Caravel models, the most famous and well known, are still manufactured nowadays.
Italian Florentine house that began making straw hats, which were a symbol of the Italian fashion and elegance of the time. In the 50s Romualdo Dori decided to rename his company with the name brand RODO, a name formed with the first syllables of his name and surname, and entered the world of fashion with a new creation: the handbag made of the same fine Florence straw tissue. The success was immediate, and later on he also designed shoes and accessories. His vintage designs are just wonderful. The brand is still running nowadays and is a very prestigious fashion house.
Stylecraft Miami, was a U.S. handbag maker whose innovative way produced a wide variety of styles and materials. Their small lucite bags were called "Tenite" and were very successful in the 50s. Their colors, materials and clasps were very elegant, and very similar to Wilardy purses. Stylecraft Miami was also very innovative in introducing plastic and flexible vinyl handbags.
Brand created in Barcelona in the 1980s and active until about 2001. Wholesalers of exotic skins and high luxury handbags, manufactured but didn’t have their own shop.
Brand created in the U.S. in 1966 specializing, until 1995, in luxury exotic leather bags that were sold in exclusive high-end stores.
Whiting & Davis manufactures mesh handbags since it was established in 1876 in Massachusetts. In the 1910s the U.S. company dominated the market of mesh bags. In 1930 Paul Poiret and Elsa Schiaparelli were designing for the firm. The company maintained the mesh bag in vogue for nearly a century. At present, Whiting & Davis remains as the acknowledged leader of mesh bags 137 years after the onset of their first mesh handbag.
Brand created in Barcelona in 1950 active until about 1980. Specializing in exotic leathers, manufactured their luxury handbag designs. There were two WIEN shops in Barcelona, ​​in Plaça Francesc Macià (formerly Calvo Sotelo square), and another in Carrer València. Owned by Mrs. Elvira Sánchez Piquer.
The most extravagant handbags from the 50's were created by an extravagant man: Will Hardy. He created the WILARDY name brand for his lucite plastic handbags. Hardy's vision was to create the indestructible bag, a bag as tough as a car, to last forever. Molded and hand-welded, manufacturing lucite bags was costly, so the resulting product was expensive. The Wilardy model, the jewelled box-purse, was the most expensive one. Popular among actresses and ladies of the high society, it was the equivalent to Dior’s Cadillac handbag in the 50's, made not just to carry it but to show it and be admired. The success of Wilardy bags was due to the geometric shapes, choice of colors, and unique design. To have a Wilardy handbag is to have a gem. (Anna Johnson. Handbags: the power of the purse. Janice Berkson. Carry me! 1950's lucite handbags an American Fashion)